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Compact Disc
"Politically Incorrect" - 13 songs, nearly an hour of musical mayhem and merriment.
Price - $20.00

Cassette tape
Early version of "Politically Incorrect" - has several songs that aren't on the compact disc, such as "Fat Girls," "San Quentin Quail", "Coma Baby", "Why Do I Need You, When I've Got My Hand?", and more.
Price - $20.00

Coming soon, a CD re-issue of this Feo Y Loco classic album. This will also be available on the download sites (iTunes, Napster, etc.)

Cassette tape (cassingle) (SOLD OUT)
Two songs, "Killer Transvestite" b/w "Nuclear Tan".
Price $5.00

Vinyl 45 (SOLD OUT)
A limited signed and numbered edition (only 1,000 ever pressed) single of "Killer Transvestite" and Nuclear Tan". We're almost out of these. They are now collector's items.

"Politically Incorrect - the Video"
Includes music video of "Nuclear Tan", bio w/ interview of Bari Bradini, a live version of "Eat Shit, Mama," and much more. 22 minutes. Available only in DVD.
Price - $25.00

Feo Y Loco boxer shorts (SOLD OUT)
These are indispensable for the underwear dance. White with red lettering all over, "Feo Y Loco". Wear them on formal occasions. No one will know, unless you want them to. Size XL only (fits most people).
Price - $25.00

Feo Y Loco "Uncle Sam" t-shirt (SOLD OUT)
Stern Uncle Sam from recruiting poster says "Feo Y Loco wants you". Lettering on the back, "Saying you're politically incorrect isn't enough, you have to act on those impulses --Feo Y Loco". This is the original Feo Y Loco shirt and has become a classic. Size XL only, white only.
Price - $20.00

Feo Y Loco gimme cap (SOLD OUT)
Black with gold lettering "Feo Y Loco - Politically Incorrect". Sharp looking cap, be a hit with your friends.
Price - $25.00

Bumper sticker (SOLD OUT)
"Who is Feo Y Loco, and why am I following them around?" Make your car politically incorrect, too.
Price - free with order $25.00 or above. Otherwise - $5.00

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