Politically Incorrect - The CD----------

Liner notes from the compact disc, with new stuff added for the Web version

"Saying you're politically incorrect isn't enough,
You have to act on those impulses"

When you say the name "Feo Y Loco", what comes to mind isn't the legendary beauty of the "Deaconettes", nor even the fact that all of the men in the group are hung like the proverbial stallion. No, what comes to mind first and foremost is the artistry of the great Bari Bradini, from Cusco, Peru.

It's a well concealed fact (no doubt part of a conspiracy) that the American style of music known as the "blues" isn't of North American origin. The blues was born thousands of miles south, in Peru. There, centuries ago, lonely shepherds guarding flocks of Alpacas created the music we call the "blues". The original blues instrument wasn't the harmonica or guitar, it was the pan pipe. The foremost living practitioner of this ancient form of blues is Bari Bradini. Serendipity brought him into contact with FEO Y LOCO, and he has become a regular performer at live gigs.

During his performances, many in the audience drop their pants (men and women!) and dance in their underwear, or in official FEO Y LOCO boxer shorts. At the end of the performance, the Great Bradini autographs women's breasts. This is an ancient custom of Peruvian "bluesmen", dating back before written history.

According the Great Bradini, who speaks only Quechua, he is on a mission to spread the blues music of his ancestors in the United States. And to meet young women. If you listen carefully, you can hear the plaintive wail of the blues pipes on several tracks on this CD. As for meeting young women, he's on his own.

Credits, kudos and carnations----------

produced by LINDEN HUDSON and FEO Y LOCO
recorded by JACK SMACK
recording of "Killer Transvestite" by BRIAN BAKER
additional recording by FRANK DAVIDSON
sequencing by JACK SMACK
Costa Rica recording by DON THOMPSON
additional Costa Rica recording by WILLIAM ADAMS
mastering by THE MASTER BATOR
cover model "KARLA"
photography, colorizing & digital compositing by
spiritual advice by DON KVIDVERGSKAAR

----------a tip of the FEO hat to
Jennifer Jordan, Wendy Cockcroft, Trisha Gerber,
Shonda Pryor & Lynda White (Deaconettes "past")
also to Beth Harvey (the original "sound chick")
Russ Sorenson (roadie & assistant sound dude)
and Brian, Robin & Michelle, Mike Chalk, "Cat Daddy",
and Chip, Jason & John, (boxer shorts dancers), early believers all

special thanks to Joe Kane (NYC), Tom Townsend (TX)
Roy Frumkes (NYC), Wilfrid Bellecour (FRANCE),
The Phantom of the Movies - New York Daily News (NYC),
the Key Largo (COSTA RICA), the Taj Mahal (TX)

JACK SMACK courtesy of
The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles Early Release Program

Road crew & support staff
Andrew Harrison (road manager)
Randy Wickus (the sound dude)
Shelly & Mark Burkett (merchandise & fan club)
Richard Rees (motorcycle maniac)
Laura Byrd (sound, promotions, enthusiasm)
Linda De Leon (merchandise)
and to all FEOHEADS everywhere, you buncha sickos, we love you!
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