The True Story of
the Ancient Practice of
Breast Signing, Which Originated Among the Primitive Peoples of Peru

Señor Bari Bradini actually signing an actual breast
after yet another virtuoso performance on the blues pan pipe

The origin of the ancient practice of breast signing has been lost in the distant mists of time. The first recorded instance of this was discovered in a tomb near Macchu Picchu. The grave site was carbon dated at 3,000 B. C. On a fragment of a wooden bowl was drawn a crude representation of a blues musician, pipes in one hand, pen in the other, writing on the breast of an attractive Indian woman. From this evidence, it appears that even at this early date, breast signing had been around for a long time.

Bari Bradini learned to sign breasts from his grandfather, who had been taught by his grandfather. In fact, it's believed there has been a Bradini signing breasts in Peru for at least 2,000 years, and probably much more.

But perhaps we should defer to the words of the master himself, who talked about breast signing with Truman Capote, who was on a visit to Peru in 1956.

Bari Bradini discussing breast signing with Truman Capote (1956)...

Bradini: "For a woman to offer her breast to be written upon is a sign of great respect for the artist. I suppose you North Americans find it strange. But women find the experience quite stimulating. It is an ancient custom in Peru, going back many thousands of years. I like to continue this tradition in the United States to honor my ancestors who began the blues in the distant mists of time. I also get to meet many attractive young women..."

Capote: "Yuk..."

The Legendary Bari Bradini
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