Bari Bradini
and The True Origin
of the Blues

The blues - that most American of art forms - was in reality born thousands of years ago high in the Andes mountain in what is now the country of Peru. Indian shepherds, keeping a watchful eye over flocks of alpacas, would pass many a lonely night with only the company of a set of pan pipes. On these pan pipes the first blues "riffs" were created. The shepherds would often get together for impromptu "blues jams", wherein they would try to outdo each other with their skill on the pipes. From these long dead Andean musicians has descended what is known as "the blues".

Señor Bari Bradini is the foremost living practitioner of this purest form of the blues. And now Señor Bradini is performing in the United States with the group Feo Y Loco, on a mission to spread the blues in our country. And to meet young women.

But first we need to go back to where it all began.....


From Bari Bradini interview on David Letterman...
"I don't understand why so many North Americans believe the blues originated in the United States. The blues has been played in Peru for many thousands of years. The samponia -- the pan pipe to you -- was the original blues instrument. I learned the pipes from my grandfather, and he learned from his grandfather before him. If I have a mission in life, it is to bring the recognition of the true origin of the blues to the whole world. That is why I play the blues.......... Also to meet young women....."


The earliest known film footage of Bari Bradini recently came to light in Peru. It was taken by agents of the Peruvian government who were afraid of Señor Bradini's ability to mobilize the masses. All we know for certain is this footage was taken in a blues bar in Cuzco, Peru about 1928. We can see Señor Bradini performing the ancient Peruvian blues standard "El Condor Caca". Who actually took the footage remains a mystery. But even in 1928, we can see the greatness in Señor Bradini, long before his name became a household word throughout Latin America.


According to what Bradini (a.k.a "The Great One) told David Letterman, he first encountered Feo Y Loco in 1990 at Machu Picchu in Peru during his annual performance. There were thousands of people in attendance. He autographed over 900 breasts that day. Feo Y Loco was enthralled by his performance, and invited him to come tour with them in the United States. That night, Bradini dreamed of a condor eating tuna fish on whole wheat, and knew that the ancient prophecy would be fulfilled, he would travel across the great water to the United States.

Bari Bradini courtesy of Discos Sendero Luminoso, Cuzco, Peru
The Legendary Bari Bradini
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