"It's not just a musical act, it's people dancing in their underwear"

Politically Incorrect before Politically Incorrect Was Cool--------------------

Winter 2017 Gigs

Friday, December 29, 2017- Phoencia Downtown MKT Bar

New Year's Eve Eve Eve

with Feo Y Loco

Now why would you go out in nasty winter weather and brave all the amateur drunks on New Year's Eve when you can enjoy Feo Y Loco and an incredible beer and wine selection with much less stress on New Year's Eve Eve Eve? Some say that New Year's Eve Eve Eve is new New Year's Eve. Going out on New Year's Eve is very uncool in these modern times. So why not go ahead and activate your inner hipster and come see Feo Y Loco on New Year's Eve Eve Eve. Just do it.

Make New Year's Eve Eve Eve great again. You will be winning. For those who are have imerologiophobia, we will spell it out for you - come see Feo on December 29, 2017.


showtime - 8p until 11p - no cover
1001 Austin St, Houston, TX 77010 (832-360-2222) Classic Feo t-shirts and our new CD "No Worries" will be available.

Bari is ready to party from above

Don't wait for a gig to hear the band, buy some of our music right now(details below)

------------------------------------------------------------- "Where to Buy Feo Y Loco Music"
You can order all 4 Feo Y Loco Compacts Discs ("Politically Incorrect", "Early Feo", and "Overnight Success" and "No Worries") from CD Baby. Or you can download the entire albums or individual songs at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many other download sites.
The boys in the band and the always lovely "Deaconettes"
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